Magic Salsa Bled
It is with sadness in our hearts that we have to inform you that due to problems with the organization of the event, we have to cancel the Magic Salsa Bled event. It's simple, the concept that we imagined is extremely difficult to implement because of the outdoor dance floor and the settlement next to it, and it is even more difficult to fight against the official positions regarding the events. Perhaps, some other time, some other venue in Bled. For now, see you soon at another event.

DJs Finest tunes selected only for you and played by the best music maestros in the industry, including DJ Dmitri, DJ Ser-J, DJ Gabriel, DJ Anael, DJ Morena and DJ The.Patrick. VIEW ALL DJs
Venue Dance floor is going to be in the event pavilion (big tent) just next to the lake. City of Bled gave us permission to dance without a time limit on the beach of the world-famous lake in this world-famous city. Considering that the festival will take place in the middle of summer from Friday 12 July until Monday 15 July 2024, in the middle of the summer tourist season, we expect Bled to be full of visitors.

👙 The MSB venue is right next to the lake and during the day you will be able to swim in the lake and refresh yourself with cocktails, so don't forget your swimsuit. 🍹

Venue's location is: Olimpijski Veslaški Center Bled.
You can also use this street address for navigation systems: Veslaška promenada 2-1, 4260, 4260 Bled.

Transportation to the venue
Regarding the connection from where you will stay to the venue, this summer version, in comparisson to the winter (MSSF all in one place event), is going to be a little more challenging for both organizers and visitors. We will offer you a private transportation to the event venue from different spots around the Lake Bled for free. Timetable will be published on our web site and facebook page. Also there will be available public transportation, tourist train, bicycles and walks in the beautiful surroundings of Bled, we expect that this special summer edition will make you enjoy time spent with friends in idyllic nature.

Accommodation There are countless private and hotel accommodations by Lake Bled. Some links are shown on our website, and the rest can be found on websites that offer tourist destinations. But don't worry, wherever you are, we will provide you with one of the listed means of transport that you can use to connect between your apartment or room to get to the festival venue. SINCE THERE IS A HIGH TOURIST SEASON DURING THE MSB, WE ADVISE YOU TO BOOK YOUR ACCOMMODATION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. RECOMMENDED ACOOMMODATIONS
Sightseeing When you are in Bled, you can visit various destinations - Bled castle, Bled Vintgar, and if there is a sufficient number of applications, we will also organize a visit to the Bled island with a traditional Bled boat.